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Here is the problem description — how to know which grade level you need to comprehend some texts?

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Breakdown of the problem

Basically, when given text, we need to know how many letters, words and sentences in it and use a formula to get the level. …

Last Saturday, I started to learn CS50 on Edx and it is beyond my expectation. The lecturer is so passionate and explains everything so explicitly! This really gets me going.

In this lesson, I began to learn C programming, which I have zero experience of. However, when doing the problem…

In the past three weeks, I completed one machine learning course each week. Honestly, for a beginner, machine learning is quite challenging for me, and I don’t know where to start, so as you know, I end up with learning three courses. But I think this actually does good to…

Here is Part I Preprocessing and Part II data analysis.

This article will share my collation of data visualization by Python.

Some Reflections

Be clear about your purpose.

Data visualization can be very cool. However, just like data analysis, when we are trying to make plots, we must know the purpose— what do we want to know…

Here is Part I

After we get clean and organized data, now we can do data analysis.

I think there are several important things that we need to make clear when analyzing data:

It is all about problem-solving.

We need to know why we are doing this, what problems to…

Recently I spent one and a half months learning this course, and I have so much fun in it! Now since I have completed 80 days of lessons, it is time for me to sort out what I’ve learned before I move on!

In this course, I learned data analysis…


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